Privacy policy

Privacy policy

This privacy policy defines the way we, YPTA TRAVEL, collect, store and process your personal data whenever you access or interact with our site where we get and store your personal details.

Our description

The data operator on our site is YPTA TRAVEL S.R.L., registered at the Trade Register with number J40/4977/2012  55 Caderea Bastiliei street, Bucharest. You can contact our data operator at

Whenever you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

How we collect or get information about you:

Whenever you give them to us (for example by direct contact or by mail, by telephone, to requesting an offer or by subscription to our newsletters);

Whenever you access our site, some data are collected by means of cookies or other similar technologies;

From third parties (for example reselling agencies, representatives of tourism groups – when they provide data necessary to order reservations or tourism services)

What kind of data we collect:

This website collects, directly or by means of third parties the following personal information: cookies, the use of data, email addresses, name, surname, telephone numbers, full address, sex, date of birth, company name and registration number its TVA (value added tax) (whether applicable), date, hour and geographical location from where you accessed our sites (based on the IP), information about de navigation device used (its type). Full details about each type of personal data collected are provided in special paragraphs dedicated to this privacy policy or by texts with specific explanations before the collection of data.

What kind of data we collect

YPTA TRAVEL uses stored private information for business and administrative purposes. We use these data mainly to contact you, to process your orders/reservations required on our sites, to improve our business, to fulfill our contract obligations, to promote our tourism offers and services, to analyze the way our site is used.
Processing personal data by ourselves or by the third parties is made exclusively to provide personal information to our customers – except when these data are used while supplying the services you requested. Processing private data is meant to conceive our websites and our own offer of services such as to better come up to our users needs.


Revealing information about users to third parties

YPTA TRAVEL reveals information on users to third parties solely in the interest of our customers by observing the legal and contractual obligations for the good functioning of our business. Processing data by ourselves or by the third parties is conceived according to the needs and interests of our customers and is used for statistics and marketing for us and our tourism services providers.

Likewise we process data to make an analysis of the market to find out the interest to YPTA TRAVEL tourism services offer, thus coming to conclusions about our tourism services offer, in this way being able to fulfill our customers’ needs and also allowing our providers to gain from this knowledge.

Are the users’ data sold to third parties? ( in other cases besides selling or buying the business/company):

YPTA TRAVEL explicitly excludes selling your private data to third parties


Data storage periods:

Your private data are not stored by YPTA TRAVEL more than necessary, according to our legal obligations (for example to keep accounting archives) or any other legal basis to process data (for example, consent, contractual obligations, legitimate interests). You can find information about specific storage periods in the paragraph of Data storage duration.

How are your data secured:

YPTA TRAVEL takes all necessary measures to secure your personal data by resorting to organizational and technical solutions. Your private data are processed in such a way to ensure proper security and confidentiality preventing their non-authorized access or use. Only our staff is allowed to access your personal data. Your data are kept in computers equipped with user and password. The access to computers where personal data are stored is secured by firewall systems.

YPTA TRAVEL ia toate masurile necesare securizarii datelor dvs personale prin utilizarea de soluții tehnice si organizatorice. Datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal sunt prelucrate într-un mod care asigura adecvat securitatea şi confidenţialitatea acestora, si este prevenit accesul neautorizat la acestea precum si utilizarea neaturizata a datelor cu caracter personal. La datele tale cu caracter personal au acces autorizat doar angajatii societatii noastre. Datele tale sunt pastrate in calculatoare dotate cu user si parola. Accesul la calculatoarele unde sunt stocate date cu caracter personal este securizat de sisteme firewall.


The transfer of your personal data out of the European Economic Space:


We shall transfer your personal data out of the European Economic Space only in specific circumstances, whether we are compelled by law. When we do it we make sure to take proper safety measures, including that the third parties that transfer your private date out the European Economic Space self- certified themselves according to the UE-USA privacy Shield.


Use of taking automatic and profiling decisions:

We use taking automatic and profiling decisions such as: Web Analytics instruments, cookies, web beacons or analysis instruments of server logos (profiling).

Your rights as to your private data:

-         you are entitled to access your data and receive information on their use;

-         you are entitled to require to correct and/or add your data;

-         you are entitled to erase your data;

-         you are entitled to restrict the use of yourdata;

-         you are entitled to receive data in portable format;

-         you are entitled to be against the processing of your data;

-         you are entitled to withdraw your consent for your data processing;

-         you are entitled not to be submitted to a significant decision only relying on automatic processing of your data, including profiling;

-         you are entitled to appeal to a surveillance authority


Sensitive private data:

We do not intend to collect what is usually named “sensitive personal data”. We would like you not to send any sensitive private data about you. For further information, go to paragraph “Sensitive private data”.