Terms and conditions

By this document you are notified about the conditions in which the website www.yptatravel.ro can be used.

By accessing or using the website www.yptatravel.ro you automatically accept the terms and conditions mentioned below. These terms and conditions are valid to all users of the site. This website is operated and owned by S.C. YPTA TRAVEL S.R.L.

The tourism agency YPTA TRAVEL is not responsible for the possible incongruity between the data on the site and the data received by the agency. The data received in the agency will always take priority.

The user’s rights: 
The user is entitled to visualize the site on the monitor, to edit parts of the site’s content and save pages in electronic format only for personal not commercial purpose.

The user’s responsibilities:

You acknowledge and agree to observe the following responsibilities (without being limited):

-         financial responsibility for all transactions made on your account or in your name;

-         you are over18 and have the legal capacity (competence) to initiate legal procedures;

-         you warrant the veracity of the data you or your family members provided;

-         non-use of the site for speculative purposes, deceitful or fraudulent booking;

-         you are compelled not to alter, copy, transmit, spread, sell, display, license or reduce the content of the site except for private and noncommercial use of only one copy of the data from the website;

-         the user is not entitled to use the content of the site ( as it is or altered) for commercial purpose;

-         the user has no right to erase the notification about the author’s right and/or the registered mark on the content’s copies. The copies will be edited only according to the utilizing terms;

-         the user has no right to create data base or manuals by downloading the content of the site, page by page.

Obligatiile utilizatorului:

Sunteti de acord sa respectati urmatoarele obligatii incluzand (fara a se limita):

- responsabilitatea financiara pentru toate tranzactiile efectuate in contul sau in numele dvs.

- aveti varsta peste 18 ani si capacitatea legala de a initia actiuni juridice

- garantarea veridicitatii datelor furnizate despre dvs. sau membrii familiei dvs.

- neutilizarea site-ului in scopuri speculative, a generarii de rezevari false sau frauduloase.

Intellectual property rights:

The resources presented by the website www.yptatravel.ro  and the data sent by electronic mail are the property of YPTA TRAVEL  or its partners in this project, accordingly and are protected by the author’s rights, the mark rights and other intellectual property rights.

Clauses of nonresponsability

www.yptatravel.ro  site has an informative content. YPTA TRAVEL has no responsibility regarding the accuracy and correctness of the data.

YPTA TRAVEL does not guarantee, clearly stated or inherently, the reality, updating and integrity of the data presented on the site. Possible inadequacies or errors which might appear at a certain moment between the content of the site and the real data do not induce any liability, of any kind, from Y PTA TRAVEL.

Data and information available to the public on this site do not represent recommendations, guarantees or any commitment on YPTA TRAVEL behalf.

YPTA TRAVEL cannot answer to any person/entity for any damage resulting, incidental or not, from the use of www.yptatravel.ro site or as a consequence of any error or overlooking.

YPTA TRAVEL operates also as agent for third parties suppliers such as: airlines, hotels, rent a car companies and other Tourism Services Providers – further on named Providers.

YPTA TRAVEL does not take upon oneself any responsibility for the tourism services and products supplied by Providers and it does not guarantee in any way (clearly or implicitly) the accuracy or the quality of the services presented on this site.

Changes of terms and conditions of use:

YPTA TRAVEL can modify the terms and conditions of use without prior notice on the site. So we ask you to read and reread the terms and conditions of use each time you access or use this site. Application and services post change constitute an acceptance of the modified terms.

These rules are in force according to the current Romanian legislation. The violation of the provisions of this document represents a violation of YPTA TRAVEL rights and may entail civil action, infringement or, under certain circumstances, penal action of the wrong doing person. The conflicts issued regarding the terms for using the site will be submitted to be resolved by the court of competent jurisdiction.

This site includes links to various sites. When you access these sites you are inherently no longer on www.yptatravel.ro  site and you must observe the terms and requirements of use of the new accessed sites.